Arts & Crafts

   The products include artwork, bags, baskets, carvings, ceramics, clothing, drums, figurines, jewelry, leather goods, metal items, natural fiber items, textile items handbags, wall hangings, other home décor accessories, woodcraft, paintings, bed spreads and other textile related crafts, Eco friendly wooden toys and dolls for children that use natural vegetable colours.
We, at Vanpro unfold before you an enchanting and exciting mix of traditional art with modern design. These precious pieces convey the inner feeling of not only the artist but also the society as a whole.  Art pieces testify  changing time, ideas,  technology and overall culture of the land These represent the rural ethos in different form like  painting, temple making, idol making, wood sculpture crafts,metal statue making, textile craft making and many more forms of art and craft which have found their origin in India since ages.  The art is reflected in innumerable accessories expanding from handbags, wall hangings, other home décor accessories, woodcraft, paintings, bed spread and other textile related crafts, statues, toys and dolls. These specimens can be used for many purposes like for gifting, decorating, exhibitions and several other ones.


  These are all village handmade eco friendly arts and crafts representing the rural background in different village industries.

They convey the feelings of the artists and the pulse of the society as well as technology and social backdrop.

Vanpro’s source of Arts & Crafts is primarily from rural areas. Individual artists and groups and especially SHG’s are targeted.

Art and culture are important aspects of any society. Traditional arts are a rich source of information which are in people's minds, in their social practice, in their everyday language, in their dress codes.

Cultural diversity and creativity is one of India’s economic assets. For successful production of crafts they need to be well made, unique and market related.  There is a strong relationship between arts and crafts and tourism. They may seem to develop independently, but are closely interconnected. As the number of tourists grows, so too does the demand for quality arts & crafts . 

Arts & Crafts

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