Vanpro is a subsidiary of Vanadurgi Plantations, a company with a wealth of experience in organic farming, whose ethos and objectives centre on farmer empowerment. Actively engaged in the agro-industrial sector, Vanpro is into the production and export of organic products to destinations worldwide. Vanpro has been able to scale great heights owing to its commendable production capability in its farms along with the able association of over 2,000 organic farmers growing diverse crops in over 10,000 acres of farm land.



At Vanpro, everything we do is inspired by our strong will to promote an organic lifestyle for all, where the mind, body and spirit are sustained naturally. Our vision is to encourage sustainable development through farmers’ integration and the promotion of an organic movement with the greater participation of the farming community.



At Vanpro, our mission is to grow organic products that enhance the quality of life. Driven by this mission, highly qualified agro-tech professionals work along with dedicated progressive farmers to ensure hygienic organic cultivation. Further, breathing life into the dreams of our founders, our talented enthusiastic team leaves no stone unturned in ensuring that processes are standardised, products are hygienically packed and the best supply chain management is in place to provide organic products at a reasonable price for optimal consumer satisfaction.