Fare Price


Fair trade is a process where social, economic and environmental aspects of production are taken into consideration while buying and selling the products. Vanpro follows Fair-price Practices by encouraging organic farming by purchasing produces from farmers for realistic price. It provides 30 % price incentive for the organic produce compared to normal prevailing market price to farmers involved in the field operations, thus making them the direct beneficiaries. Although organic foods appear slightly expensive than conventional products, the fact that the excess money is utilised in the proper manner is itself a source of satisfaction.
  Vanadurgi flavors & Extracts ℗ Ltd and Vanadurgi foundation are jointly working with small farmers self help groups. Company provide basic funds for cultivation, agriculture inputs, free certification etc., to encourage for organic cultivation and finally purchase their inventories for realistic price. Fair-trade certification as per international standard is under process with Eco-cert and Adhiti certification agencies.