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Vanadurgi Plantations

Vanadurgi plantations are located in the Western Ghat forests of India near the historic place of Sringeri. The two plantations are located at   different climatic zones. 

One is located in the evergreen forests attached to ‘Kudremuk National Park’ Animal Sanctuary. The rainfall at this place is around 500 cms per annum and nearly stabilized temperature about 18'c to 25'c almost throughout   the year without much variation.  

The other location is 100 kms from this place in the midst of deciduous forests receiving rainfall around 150 cms per annum and temperature range of 20'c to 35'c. This is a well maintained plantation with many crops. Here agro-research is carried out on new crops which are then commercially introduced to other farmers. Vanilla plantation in this location is certified Organic by Ecocert India Pvt. Ltd. The other crops are conventionally cultivated.

The following are the main crops are grown in Vanadurgi Estate:

Plantation Crops :

  1. Vanilla
  2. Coffee
  3. Arecanut
  4. Rubber
  5. Pepper


 Turmeric & Ginger
 Specialty crops like Patchouli, Stevia & Garcinia