Our Social Welfare measures and responsibilities

have been based on the organic cultivation techniques promoted amongst the farming communities by providing them with scientific production technologies, advanced micro- finance as and when required, arranged organic certification and finally and importantly procuring their inventories at reasonable rates.

Our Social Responsibilities:

Vanpro has taken up several social welfare measures in rural areas to help poor farmer families, where earning money and saving it are real challenges. These are families who are living below the poverty line. They are faced with no alternative but to go to the nearest money lender.


The women folk in these families whose typical days work is cooking, cleaning and have various goals to achieve.

They also want to try and contribute, to become empowered as a person and help the family living standards.


Micro-finance project was one such thought that was conceptualized and Self Help Groups created. The  objective  was to create a method and strategy that can empower people who all the time were not able to do something on their own for many reasons of which one was lack of money.


Micro-finance project intentions are specific and well defined as follows…

  1. You are a poor individual - You have an idea – be it a self managed business, trade, anything that you are convinced and the necessary facilities will be made available, the lack is start up and working capital funds.

  2. You are a self help group of women – Each one of you needs money at one point of time, the need maybe the marriage of your child, buying a household item or even a sheep, you want to make a saving – Arrangements are made to handhold you, make you learn the art and science of micro finance that also leads to micro savings.

  3. You have no clue, You have no money, you are fated for a life that has no future – You will not only be welcomed  and  get trained in many areas but also  provisions will be made  in terms of micro money advances to set and run a self employed business.


As they commonly say, little drops of water makes the ocean, what starts as a small initiative can become a reality and emerge as huge project support dimension. Money that is needed for you or your family at time of need, money which you can avail easily with minimal effort and small interest rate, money that can fuel your goals and set you to achieve. A life that’s better, bigger and most importantly secured one.


Minimal Money, Maximum Self Development is the bottom line. All this became a reality and continues to do so with full fledged support of the DCC and local Bank.